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Quik•Grade – A proven solution!

Quik•Grade – A proven solution! We created Quik•Grade to eliminate grade level errors. We’re proud to say we have accomplished the goal. In our field tests, we have realized improved measurement speeds that are 5-10 times faster than traditional laser level processes, while also reducing or eliminating error. The number of elevations our company can

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Benefits of Quik•Grade

Benefits of Quik•Grade: Transits and laser levels have been utilized in construction for years. They require expertise and experience. With the current technology, mistakes in elevation calculations occur often. Quik•Grade developer Buck Morris sees these struggles daily. “In our excavating business, I’m unable to send workers to a job without mistakes in elevation calculations.  Even

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How Quik•Grade works

How Quik•Grade works: Quik•Grade is the smart grade rod that eliminates human error and manual calculations, saving you time and money. Quik•Grade has sensors along the entire length to detect the laser beam. Simply turn on your laser and set your Quik•Grade to the benchmark elevation labeled on your blueprint. Move your smart rod up

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