Quik•Grade – A proven solution!

We created Quik•Grade to eliminate grade level errors. We’re proud to say we have accomplished the goal. In our field tests, we have realized improved measurement speeds that are 5-10 times faster than traditional laser level processes, while also reducing or eliminating error. The number of elevations our company can determine accurately has increased dramatically with this device.

Quik•Grade utilizes rotary laser level technology and reduces most of the human error involved in the measurement process.

The device reduces error by reducing user calculations, which would normally be required to determine elevations using a traditional grade rod.

The Quik•Grade grade rod is outfitted with many sensors so that the entire grade rod acts as receiver.

The output of these sensors is coupled to a control unit, allowing a user to visualize readings and control the rod and calculations being made.

A user can input a benchmark elevation (while measuring a laser signal at the benchmark elevation) and set a desired target elevation.

Then, the control unit will display one or more indicators (e.g., up/down arrows) to a user for rod height adjustment of the grade rod necessary to achieve the desired target elevation. More simply, the control unit will automatically tell a user whether to cut or fill at a specific location to achieve the desired target elevation.