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Quik•Grade is the smart grade rod that eliminates human error and manual calculations, saving you time and money.

Quik•Grade has sensors along the entire length to detect the laser beam. Simply turn on your laser and set your Quik•Grade to the benchmark elevation labeled on your blueprint.


Quik•Grade utilizes rotary laser level technology and reduces most of the human error involved in the measurement process.

The device reduces error by reducing user calculations, which would normally be required to determine elevations using a traditional grade rod.


The Quik•Grade grade rod is outfitted with many sensors so that the entire grade rod acts as receiver.

The output of these sensors is coupled to a control unit, allowing a user to visualize readings and control the rod and calculations being made.

Quik•Grade is a time saver! We all know time is money. It saves time on the plumbing, the electrical, all of your underground utilities. Within minutes I can be out checking grading, contractors, utilities, concrete and as you know when the owner is happy, we’re all happy.

Tom, BC Construction Group

I like Quik•Grade because I know right away when I remove and replace an area, I can shoot the area with Quik•Grade and I’ll know before I remove the area what kind of grade issues I’ll have, how much rock I’ll need to bring in. I’ll know right away the inches of fall I’ll need to make it happen and this eliminates any errors.

Michael, Daedalus Construction

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Read the latest news about Quik•Grade and discover how this revolutionary new grade rod can eliminate errors for your business, save you valuable time, and make your business more profitable.

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